Objects of Beauty Culture

In this section devoted to the women are a mind-boggling array of artefacts and instruments used by women - ‘Vajris’ or foot scrubbers, mirrors, combs, Kumkum and Kohl containers, jewellery boxes and much, much more - all those special touches that symbolise the essence of beauty culture from India. These are various articles of daily use too we see these motifs: foot scrubbers with handles depicting two elephants locked in deadly combat.   

The toilet utilities are part of the collection of the objects of beauty culture. There are so many varieties of ‘Vajris’ or foot scrubbers. The Vajris are in geometrical design, birds, animals motifs, figures of the human bodies and deities. They are made of brass, copper and terracotta material. And are from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, South India, and Uttar Pradesh of 18th and 19th Century A.D.

The variety of mirrors is also part of this collection. The mirrors with decorative handle in brass, copper along with a very rare mirror made of Jade used by Anandibai Peshwa the wife of great Maratha worrier Raghunathrao are the main attractions of this section.

There are so many varieties of Sindur and Surma boxes. They are in the shape of birds, animals’ motifs and human figures and are from Gujarat, Maharashtra, South India, of 18th and 19th Century A.D.

The Combs and Kumkum boxes made of sandalwood are some of the very rare artefacts from South India 18th and 19th Century A.D.