Ivory Collection

The art of Ivory became more famous during last few Centuries, especially in Mughal and British Period. There is no doubt that the rich Ivory Objects are signs of richness laden with aesthecity.

The Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum has a separate gallery on Ivory artefacts. All these artefacts are marvellous and decorative. Lord Yeshu Christ, the walking stick, figure of elephant and an arch of elephants, man riding on camel, Parsi man, the lady with harmonium, ivory painting of Tipu Sultan, the canopied seat, Lord Ganesh with eighteen hands is worth appreciating.

All these objects in the museum collection belong to 18th-19th Century A.D. and hail from Maharashtra and South India.

Playing cards, chess boards and other games, perfume bottles and traditional rose water sprinklers; a shrine for the household deity… these, and many other items, make up the minutely carved and decorated collection of ivory objects of art.

The art of Ivory became more famous during last few centuries, especially in Mughal and British period. There is no doubt that the rich Ivory objects are signs of richness laden with aesthecity.

In the collection of Ivory objects are mainly Indian playing cards and the various artefacts like writing material, Implements, worship shrine, cradle of Lord Ganesha, musical instruments, sitting games between 17th to 19th century A.D. provide good deal of information.

Lord Yeshu Christ, figures of elephant, the canopied seat, the lady with harmonium, Lord Ganesha with 18 hands are mentioned worthy. Ivory combs with meena work, kumkum boxes, scent boxes, rose water sprinklers are marvellous objects of beauty culture.

The Ivory worship shrine, the cradle of Chaitra Gauri, the ceiling with mica is noteworthy. In writing material Ink-wells, pen boxes, the lining rule, paper knife are some of the rare artefacts.

The sitting games include the game of dies, chess and Indian playing cards called ‘Ganjifa’. The pawns of chess & dies - are made of Ivory and the Pata/board is made of either Cloth or Ivory. They are in different sizes and varieties. The Ivory musical instruments - Sanai and Tanpura are displayed in order to obtain variety.